The Something Something Film Review

Some films have that special something, and some films seem like they stepped in something. Allow me to help you know the difference, and maybe find you something good to watch.

Turks & Caicos (2014)

turks(Of Note: Turks & Caicos is the second film in the Worricker Trilogy, a BBC mini-series about a suave and unruffleable British spy on the run, played rather smashingly by Bill Nighy.)

(Of Further Note: The first film is ‘Page 8’ which I saw and really liked, and the third is ‘Salting the Battlefield’ which I haven’t yet seen. Christopher Walken appears in neither of them. )

(Of Boring Note: Turks & Caicos is an hour and 35 minutes long, unrated, and can be found on disc in the States.)

Plot: Bill Nighy is ‘Johnny Worricker’, a cunning and likeable British spy on the run, and he has randomly chosen the Turks & Caicos Islands to hide out. The only problem is that someone from his past has recognized him. Fortunately, ‘Curtis Pelissier’ (Christopher Walken) doesn’t want to rat on him, he would rather they work together on… something.

Oooooooooooooooookay. So:

If you enjoy wry and sharp British banter, corporate espionage, and a bit of mystery; here’s your ticket. If you care about the larger picture, go back and see ‘Page 8’, it was all about how this started and I thought it was quite good, but no it isn’t terribly necessary to see it first.

One of the cool things about this miniseries is the casting. ‘Page 8’ had: Judy Davis, Michael Gambon, Rachel Weisz, and Felicity Jones. Pretty great, right? Too bad none of them came back for the sequel. Instead, ‘Turks & Caicos’ has: Winona Ryder, Dylan Baker, Helena Bonham Carter, Rupert Graves, and Christopher Walken.

Usually I like Winona Ryder. She will always be a Veronica amongst Heathers to me. But in this film she was stilted, awkward, and full of weird looks that are wide open to interpretation. Still nice to see her working though.

Bill Nighy is wonderful as always, so charming and refined, and it’s nice to see him get a leading role.

Of course, Christopher Walken is fantastic. He has a pretty significant part in this film, and it is a joy to watch him work. It’s also nice to see him and Nighy acting together, they have an immediate chemistry and their dialogue really snaps.

vlcsnap-2015-02-23-13h02m51s137All in all, this is a fun little diversion. Give it a nibble.

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